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18-20 Bullecourt Avenue, Engadine, NSW


Defence Housing Australia


LFA was commissioned by Defence Housing Australia to develop a proposal for a six, two storey townhouse development with a common driveway / vehicle access from Bullecourt Ave.

The site is a double block of land (1,937sqm) with a frontage of 32 metres and a depth of 60 to 67 metres.

A single, vacant, fibro-clad dwelling with concrete roof tiles, is located close to the street in the north west corner of the site and there is a dilapidated fibro shed to the rear.

The dwellings comprise a main courtyard / patio which is orientated to the north and provides a focus for the living spaces contained within. Openings are functionally located to provide for solar access and cross ventilation and to maximise indoor / outdoor relationships from the living areas.

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