20•05•2021 — News

Opportunities in the Western Parkland City

Great to see some of our work on the big screen.

Western Parkland City Authority CEO, Dr. Sarah Hill, delivered a keynote speech at the UDIA NSW NextGen West conference about the Authority’s role in driving opportunities in the Western Parkland City catalysed by government investment and the new Western Sydney International Airport.

The slide she is talking to is a graphic we prepared demonstrating the scale of opportunity in the Western Parkland City –

a 72km growth corridor that is twice the size of Canberra and the same distance from Cronulla to Palm Beach.

The graphic is one of many we’ve prepared as part of our role in leading the mapping, cartography and spatial analysis work for the Authority’s roadmap for delivering a green, connected and advanced Western Parkland City.

(Image source: Western Parkland City Authority)