Identifying the elements and vision to unlock long term revitalisation

Beverly Hills Town Centre Master Plan

Beverly Hills Town Centre is located on busy King Georges Road, broadly defined by the 400m walking catchment of Beverly Hills Train Station. It is a night-time destination well-known for its restaurants, cafes and cinema. Surrounded by a mix of 1940s bungalows and residential flat buildings, the centre suffers from heavy traffic impacts, clearways, and lack of day time activation.

As part of City Plan Services’ project team, we were engaged to undertake urban design analysis, developing urban design objectives, and contribute to establishing a vision to inform the future master plan.

Key challenges include barrier effects from heavy traffic on King Georges Road, new RMS clearways along business frontages, fragmented urban fabric and lack of public domain amenity.


Key opportunities include redeveloping Council owned-land for a town square, open space and community uses; a new active street on the axis of Warrawee Place; and redevelopment of vacant and underutilised sites.

Urban design objectives and principles focused on re-imagining King Georges Road, improving the public domain through providing new and greener streets, improving connectivity via laneway enhancements and encouraging mixed use development.

Subsequent to the successful completion of the Phase 1 work, the project team has been retained by Council to prepare the Town Centre Master Plan (Phase 2).

Public Domain Opportunities

CLIENT: Georges River Council
COLLABORATORS: City Plan Services, Turf Design Studio
LOCATION: Beverly Hills