Fairfield Centres
Urban Design Studies

Place-based urban design frameworks to guide the revitalisation of five local centres in Fairfield LGA
  • Fairfield Urban Design Studies

  • Fairfield City Centre Urban Design Framework

  • Fairfield Heights Urban Framework

  • Villawood Urban Framework

In conjunction with our town centre collaborators at Gyde (formerly City Plan Services), we have undertaken a series of urban design studies for Fairfield City Council for multiple local centres of varying scales. In 2018, we completed urban design studies for Fairfield City Centre Key Sites (12 catalyst sites greater than 2,500m2), Villawood and Fairfield Heights. We have since been retained to undertake studies for Fairfield City Centre (the balance of non-Key Sites), Smithfield and Yennora.

Our studies culminated in a series of urban design framework plans that seek to balance development opportunities with community benefits, and maximise on the unique characteristics, opportunities, amenity




and vibrancy that each centre can offer. The studies involved site analysis, constraints and opportunities analysis, stakeholder engagement, concept modelling, preparing design objectives and principles as well as recommend relevant LEP and DCP controls for each centre.

The studies have informed both Council-led planning proposals and landowner-led planning proposals, and ultimately the urban transformation of these centres. Amendments to Fairfield LEP 2013 with respect to Fairfield Heights and Villawood were made in June 2020. The Planning Proposal for Fairfield City Centre (non-Key Sites) is currently under Gateway Implementation.




CLIENT: Fairfield City Council
YEAR OF COMPLETION: 2017-current