A strategic urban design framework to guide the revitalisation of a unique, vibrant and culturally diverse centre through the realization of key sites and strategic public domain improvements.

City Centre

Fairfield City Centre Urban Design Framework

Fairfield City Centre is identified as a Strategic Centre in the Western City District Plan, having the largest concentration of commercial office, retail and community services in Fairfield local government area. The centre has evolved to include a range of main street and ‘bazaar’ style retail shops as well as the more typical shopping centre retail models such as Neeta City and Fairfield Forum.

In conjunction with our town centre collaborators at Gyde (formerly City Plan Services) and AEC, we were engaged by Fairfield City Council to undertake a study of twelve key sites (≥2,500m²) to explore opportunities for redevelopment for both private and public benefit. This involved stakeholder engagement, site analysis, constraints and opportunities analysis, preparation of an overall urban framework, development concepts and options for each site. Based on the preferred development concept for each site, recommendations were made for new height and/or floor space ratios

that could enable the provision of new and/or improved pedestrian and vehicular connections and public open space. The intent of the study was to inform landowner or applicant initiated planning proposals to amend the Fairfield Local Environmental Plan 2013.

We were subsequently retained to prepare an urban design study of the balance of the City Centre. An urban design framework, comprising a Structure Plan and Built Form Plan, was prepared which seeks to maximise the unique characteristics of the centre and the opportunities, amenity and vibrancy that it can offer. The Structure Plan is focused on connected active streets and laneways and improved public open space and amenity. The Built Form Plan is focused on establishing maximum building heights, consistent setbacks, reinforcing prominent corner and identifying appropriate tower building sites. The work has informed a Council-led planning proposal which is currently under Gateway Implementation.

CLIENT: Fairfield City Council
LOCATION: Fairfield City Centre