A new community focused around the historic Maryland Homestead, framed by the green grid of Lowes Creek and its tributaries.

Lowes Creek
(part) precinct

The Precinct will ultimately be home to a population of approximately 20,000 people.

This 530ha site is located approximately 8km from future Western Sydney Aerotropolis and has significant historic, cultural, landscape and visual qualities linked to its pastural use since the early days of European settlement.

The initial project was the preparation of a Structure Plan, which involved exploring alternatives for the location of the new centre and definition of the Maryland Homestead curtilage.

We were subsequently retained to refine the Indicative Layout Plan and prepare a Development Control Plan for the Precinct. The design takes its cues from the axial relationships between the historic Maryland Homestead and Birling properties, together with the riparian corridors of Lowes Creek and its tributaries. Key views and vistas are captured in main road alignments and open space corridors, which converge towards the centre of the Precinct at Maryland Homestead and Dairy Cluster, and the new mixed-use neighbourhood centre.

The Precinct will ultimately be home to a population of approximately 20,000 people, with a diverse mix of low to medium density housing, a local centre, a combined primary and high school, and a community facility. About a third of the site will be green space comprising public parks, riparian corridors, drainage, and conservation areas thereby retaining much of the openness that characterizes the site today.

This project demonstrates a responsive and sensitive master planning approach that provides a framework for future growth that is imbued with the heritage values and unique landscape character of the site.


CLIENT: NSW Dept. of Planning & Environment
LOCATION: Bringelly, South West Sydney