Planning pathways and State Government approvals for the first new greenfield hospital in NSW in 20 years.

Northern Beaches

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The Northern Beaches Hospital in Frenchs Forest is a new, nine-storey hospital with 488 beds (public and private), a state-of-the-art emergency department with a medical centre, 14 operating theatres, mental health facilities, a helipad for emergency transport, retail and customer services and 1,400 car spaces. 

The site was declared a State Significant Infrastructure site in 2012 and in mid-2014 approval was granted for the Stage 1 Concept Plan and Early Works. 

A competitive tendering process had commenced in 2013 for the Stage 2 Design and Construction phase. We were invited by CPB Contractors (then Thiess) to join the Healthscope Consortium as town planners for the tender bid.

As part of the bid, we carefully structured a planning approval pathway that would accelerate the enabling works and amendment of Stage 1 Concept Plan Approval to more accurately reflect the bid design, thereby facilitating a straightforward approval process for Stage 2.

Following an extensive and successful tender bid process, we were retained as town planning consultant to secure planning approval for Stage 2.

Planning approvals were secured via a Modification Application to the Stage 1 Concept Plan (Section 75W Modification Report), State Significant Infrastructure Application and Environmental Impact Statement, and Preferred Infrastructure Report. Modification to Stage 1 was approved in February 2015 and Infrastructure Approval for Stage 2 was granted in June 2015.

We were subsequently retained to provide planning advice to ensure the Conditions of Approval were satisfied post-DA through to the commencement of operations.

The new hospital opened on 30 October, 2018.

CLIENT: CPB Contractors
LOCATION: Frenchs Forest NSW