An urban design framework for the urban renewal of a deeply layered historic precinct containing National, State and Local heritage significance.

Parramatta North
Urban Transformation Precinct


The Parramatta North Urban Transformation (PNUT) site is located at the former Cumberland Hospital site, just north of Parramatta CBD. It has a unique built, landscape and river setting, embedded with layers of Aboriginal, early colonial and institutional uses including the Parramatta Female Factory, Lunatic Asylum, Roman Catholic Orphanage, Parramatta Industrial School for Girls, Norma Parker Centre and Kamballa.

The site was rezoned in 2015 by the NSW Government, with the aspiration to become a new mixed-use urban renewal precinct, ensuring the conservation, retention and interpretation of key built, landscape and archaeological elements of National, State and Local heritage significance.

We were engaged by Urban Growth NSW as the lead urban design consultant to evolve the urban design of the rezoning proposal and prepare the first development application for new roads, superlot subdivision and the public domain.

The work involved the refinement of the Masterplan, which proposed protection of the Historic Core and sensitive integration of new roads and services (including the new Parramatta Light Rail), as well as a detailed urban design review of all (17) development sites to achieve a high quality urban design and landscape outcome.

Key outcomes included the preparation of urban design principles and development controls for the site specific Development Control Plan; preparation of an Urban Design and Landscape Report; and a Lot Design Probes Report which involved urban design testing of building envelopes, gross floor areas, development yield and shadow impacts for each of the development lots (17).

The precinct-specific DCP came into effect on 10 August 2017 and forms Section 4.3.6 of the Parramatta DCP 2011.


Source: Clouston

CLIENT: UrbanGrowth NSW
LOCATION: Parramatta North NSW